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Knowledge is power, and an important part of our business is sharing agronomic information, advice, and recommendations, providing local plot data, scouting fields, and more.

Agronomy Information

Throughout the year, we send agronomy emails to give customers an update on what's going on in the field during that specific time. Are we experiencing cool, wet weather during planting season? We'll share data on pros and cons of planting during those conditions and potential affects on the crop. Is it time for fungicide applications? We'll remind customers of optimal application timing and what disease pressure we're currently seeing in the field. We also send a quarterly newsletter throughout the year that contains relevant agronomy information and anything specific we are seeing on a local level.

Local Test Plots

Placing the right product on the right acre is one of the key benefits we offer to customers. Through Pioneer's testing and research, we have industry-leading knowledge about the products we offer. These products are tested on a local level in IMPACT plots (before products are commercially available), and then they are tested again in commercial test plots that we plant and harvest with our customers. These test plots are an important piece in learning more about new products, familiarizing ourselves with hybrid characteristics, and evaluating performance in local environments.

Field Scouting

If our customers ever have concerns or questions regarding their crops and fields, we are happy to take a look at the crop in their field to help address any questions they may have. We also utilize our field agronomists through Pioneer to assist with any questions, advice, or recommendations. It's important to us that our customers feel comfortable and confident coming to us for questions, advice, or recommendations that help their operation be successful.
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