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Volume 2

2021 Newsletters

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Winter 2021

Volume 2 | Issue 1

This newsletter includes reminders and updates for the new year, a few details on new Qrome prodcuts, PMZ Dry, and the 2021 Commodity Classic. With planting only a couple months away, we also take some time to discuss cold stress on corn. Our agronomist Q&A section in this issue features Product Agronomist, Ryan Schmitt, discussing some of the aspects of product testing and advancement. To read this issue, click on the newsletter icon.


Volume 2 | Issue 2

This issue includes a few reminders to keep in mind for the 2021 planting season.  We also highlight a few key topics like spring anhydrous applications, corn planting depth, and controlling winter annuals. Our Agronomist Q&A section features Pioneer Field Agronomist, Nick Monnig, who answers questions about early planted soybeans and provides some tips for anyone considering planting early.  To read this issue, click on the newsletter icon.


Volume 2 | Issue 3

It was another unique spring in Central Missouri with short planting windows, plenty of rainy days, and several thousand acres of replant for both corn and soybeans. This issue touches on a few key topics to keep in mind during the summer growing season: Japanese Beetles, corn & soybean fungicide decisions, and nitrogen decisions. We also share planting details for our local corn and soybean test plots. To read this issue, click on the newsletter icon.

FALL 2021

Volume 2 | Issue 4

Our fall issue touches on the many benefits of the Enlist E3 soybean system. Local test plot results are in and included, as well as information regarding a new corn foliar disease presenting itself in the Midwest. We also share a Q&A section about yield limiting factors in corn and soybeans this growing season, answered by Pioneer Agronomist Jaime Farmer. To read this issue, click on the newsletter icon.

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